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1 Aquarell Wandfarbe – Entdecke die Künstlerin in dir!

Kommen wir nun also zu meinem momentanen Favoriten unter den vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des Wändestreichens: der Aquarell Wandfarbe! Diese Streichtechnik steht bei mir schon länger auf der Liste und ich möchte sie unbedingt bei der nächsten passenden Gelegenheit umsetzen. Ich habe mich bereits gut darüber informiert, wie ich diese Technik in Zukunft umsetzen kann und zeige

4 You won’t know if you don’t try – Canva.

“Design is thinking made visual.” – Saul Bass Whilst you’re sipping on your cup of tea or coffee, do check out my previous post about Canva Pro for Students before proceeding to the rest of this post! 🙂 Example Ad 1 [embed][/embed] Example Ad 2 [embed][/embed] I thought of coming up with an ad-like video to…

87 Let’s get serious: Top 8 points in your SEO checklist

SEO is a constantly changing field. The internet is rapidly expanding, and search engines’ algorithms are continually altering to offer the best possible results to users. Thousands more webmasters and SEOs, on the other hand, are attempting to rank their sites. Websites that rank high in the search results are not deceiving search engines; rather,

2 5 Practical tips to conduct interviews for remote jobs

Since COVID-19 is forcing people to work from home, there are numerous changes that both the company and employees have to experience. Including remote interviews. For a company, the interviews are as important as they are for the employees. So, you both need to “convince” each other that you are the most suitable candidate. We

2 Let’s get serious: How to choose the right keywords?

Choosing keywords is the foundation of successful search engine optimization. Do you know the joke about a wife asking her husband, a SEO specialist, where does he want to go out and he replies: a bar, Irish, pub, saloon, tavern, lounge, inn, saloon, barroom, roadhouse, taproom, after-hours joint, drinker, drinking establishment, gin mill, public house….

2 How to measure employee productivity

For my last post, I have been talking about 5 Important aspects business owners should consider when switching to home office. Once your employees start working from home, you might start thinking about how to measure their productivity. In this video, you will find 4 ways to measure your employees productivity! Sources: How to measure

2 Building Website Made Simple: No Code Needed

Building a website is a very complex process that involves such skills as knowing HTML, CSS, principles of effective human-centred design, creating prototypes of layouts that would lead a customer to a better experience, knowledge in working with graphic elements etc. Before you build any website, please give attention to the following 10 tips: Establish

15 How To Create A Deepfake Video In 3 Minutes

In my first post, I spoke about 5 ways deepfakes can impact our lives. I included a deepfake of Obama at the end of the video. The deepfake animation took me quite a while to create as there was a lot of coding in the file I was working on, and I was bewildered. The

0 Paddeltechnik für Anfänger

Wer gelegentlich auf dem SUP steht merkt relativ schnell, dass das Board nicht immer das macht was man will. Zwar geht es mit dem Gleichgewicht langsam besser aber anstatt mal eine längere Strecke geradeaus zu paddeln, zauberst du die schönsten Schlangenlinien auf den See. Ausserdem musst du spätestens nach jedem dritten Zug die Seite wechseln,…

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