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0 How to use Tripadvisor

In my experience, people either love or hate tripadvisor. I believe that it can be quite a useful tool in planning your perfect weekend-trip or beach vacation, but you need to be aware of certain things. Let me tell you a story When I planned my trip to Barcelona last year I was looking for

7 Google Flights – I choose you

Follow my blog with Bloglovin I’ve mentioned this before, but if it was up to me, I’d be constantly travelling. While other people my age might be doing something productive on their spare time, I sit in front of my computer and look for flight offers and new destinations to travel to. Exciting, isn’t it?

0 Getting a good deal – when should you book your flight?

Travelling, who doesn’t love it? Exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, tasting new flavours.. I keep finding myself getting a travel fever all the time, looking for next possible destinations and daydreaming about my next trip. The only issue most people might face when it comes to travelling is the cost.

0 Why is travelling a science?

Have you ever wondered, why travelling is something almost everyone loves? And still, it is a unique experience for anyone. I believe that when you travel, you do not just discover a foreign place, but also yourself. I have discovered my passion for structuring and organizing everyhing. How? Well, I often find myself creating whole

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