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4 Idyllic Side Valleys

Let me begin with a quick overview of what we have seen in the past couple of weeks: Imprint Inspiration #1: Starting up North at 66.6° – here Imprint Inspiration #2: The most famous mountain hut in the world – here Imprint Inspiration #3: Idyllic Side Valleys – see below Bainvegni to Arosa Lenzerheide! Two

2 A treasure of liquid gold found in Alsace

 Do you know what a flûte is? Or that 90% of the wines grown in Elass are white? And what is the name of the only red wine of the region? Unique and unmistakable are the wines of Alsace. Sweet and expressive, these wines flow into the glass like liquid gold. Alsace is located in

0 Welcome to a deep dive into the finest wines

Welcome to a deep dive into growing, producing and testing a few of the finest wines in Germany, France, and Switzerland. But first let me introduce myself. My name is Clara and just like you I am a big fan of a slightly fermented grape juice. I grew up in southwest Germany, in one of the

2 How Hoteliers Turn Crisis Into Opportunity

Hello dear readers, we are slowly getting closer to the end of the blogpost series about the hospitality industry. In today’s post, you will learn about the ways how hospitality and tourism-related companies deal with the current challenging situation with success. One of the biggest changes in the travel business model, to which most hotels

0 The 7 most beautiful beaches in Portugal

Although Portugal is a small country it has almost 1800 km. oceanic coastline with 592 beaches. The majority of them are sandy and 330 beaches awarded with the Blue Flag – an award for excellent swimming standards and safety. Officially the beginning of the swimming season in Portugal starts on June 15 and ends on September 15, but

0 Nazaré – the biggest waves in the world are born here

Nazaré is a small fishing town with beautiful beaches, seafood restaurants, and magnificent ocean views. Before it became a tourist destination, the town relied mostly on fishing. But now this place is world-famous for its huge waves. Summer brings the crowds of holidaymakers, but for most of the year, Nazaré is a surfers paradise. Watch

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