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0 The Role of Social Gaps in the Diabetes Crisis

My Journey from Customer Support to Diabetes Awareness Once upon a time, I worked in customer support. Like many others, I spent countless hours sitting behind a desk, staring at a computer screen, and answering calls. I didn’t realize how much of an impact this sedentary lifestyle was having on my health. Little did I

15 Fünf Gründe, warum Sie in Ihr Büro investieren sollten

In den letzten Jahren hat sich die Arbeitswelt dramatisch verändert: Hybrid Work, Home-Office und Workation sind Standard. Welche Rolle spielt das Büro da noch? Hier sind fünf Gründe, warum es für Unternehmen jetzt umso wichtiger ist, in ihr Büro zu investieren. 1. Kreativer Austausch und Teamarbeit finden vor Ort statt Auch wenn viele Aufgaben heute

16 Diabetes “the Silent Killer”

Once upon a time, I believed diabetes was only related to obesity, but now I know better. I used to be very diligent about what I ate and how frequently I exercised, but I must admit that I have fallen behind in both areas. Also, I have a pattern of poor sleep, which may be

4 Die verschiedenen Display Formate und ihre Spezifikationen

Medium Rectangle, Skyscraper, Leaderboard und weitere Werbeformate gehören zu den meistverbreiteten Standardwerbeformaten. In diesem Blogpost schauen wir uns die IAB Standardwerbeformate genauer an und gehen auf die Rolle der IAB Schweiz genauer ein. 🖥️ IAB und Standardformate Damit die geschaltete Werbung auf den Websites richtig dargestellt wird und der Nutzer somit eine positive Erfahrung bei

4 4 Wege für Display Advertising

Bist du auf der Suche nach einer effizienten Lösung, deine Markenbekanntheit zu erhöhen und möchtest mehr über Display Advertising erfahren? Weisst du aber nicht, wie du deine Kampagne auf eine Website schalten kannst? Dann ist dieser Beitrag genau das richtige für dich. Es gibt heutzutage ein breites Angebot an verschiedenen Werbeformen für Suchmaschinenwerbung und Werbung

4 🥐 Is Too Good To Go worth it in Switzerland?

I have been using this application for some time; since I discovered it, the first thing I wanted to do was to try it out. So far, I have used it ten times. I have bought secret bags in Zug, Lucerne and Schaffhausen, and I have rescued bread, pretzels, sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and even…

4 Keep inspiring and getting inspired

Hi beautiful people! I would like to take the opportunity today to talk about female inspiration; going from female entrepreneurship to social achievements. To get some examples of female figures of inspiration, I asked the question to my followers…  I’m sure that you also might know some of them as well! As you can recognise,

0 Let’s talk @ FemUnity: Event Management

Hi there, We are back with the second video of this mini video serie, this time sharing our experience on event management @ FemUnity. We talk for instance about the obstacles that we meet, but also what we aim at doing during our events… Enjoy watching! xoxo

2 Buying Food cheaper 🥐

Too Good To Go is the most famous app to combat food waste, connecting shops with users. Instead of throwing away leftover food, the app advertises surprise bags that can be bought at a reduced price and picked up at a specific time. I have used the app several times and I must confess that…

0 In da (book) club with FemUnity

Last March, we started our book club within FemUnity, with the most support from Mali and Sarah for content and event management. We basically ran a book marathon where the involved ladies took the challenge to read the same book as their fellow peers. All democracy here! The book was chosen by our followers themselves

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