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0 Tips for the Mask international trade during the coronavirus period

  Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. We explored the different quality standards of masks between the EU and China in the last blog. Today, I will continue to talk about the international trade of masks but will explore how to do mask international trade with high success ration by 4 Tips during the

0 Different quality standards of mask between EU and China

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, I would like to share some basic mask standard knowledge from the perspective of an international trader. Background Masks have become an important medical supplies urgently needed in many countries with the outbreak of the coronavirus. A few days ago, the Dutch government accepted the recommendation of

0 simple introduction of my Blog

I am  A person who is keen on marketing area especially for digital & mobile marketing. An international student of online business and marketing in Switzerland. An employee in an international trade company in Hongkong. A daughter of the packaging product manufacturer. A friend with many manufacturers from all walks of life.      

4 5 Benefits of Drinking Wine

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. It is a very common expression, yet no scientific evidence of any significant health effect. However, when it comes to wine many evidence is available that drinking a moderate* amount of wine has great benefits for your health. 1. Helps you pass your exams Wine contains an

0 In Null-Komma-Nix zur Dankbarkeit

Wie sagt man so schön? Der Mensch lernt erst etwas zu schätzen, wenn es nicht mehr da ist. Das gilt für Kleinigkeiten, für uns Selbstverständliches, Ausbildungen, Beziehungen, Freundschaften, Jobs, und vieles mehr. In meinem ersten Blogpost habe ich dir verraten, dass Self Care für mich ebenfalls in Richtung Mentales geht, was für mich bedeutet, auf

4 Do machines need to go to school to learn?

If you are now picturing a cute, small machine sitting in a classroom with other cute small machines during their first day at school, you are not that far from reality. No, I am not getting crazy because I have been spending too much time at home 🙂  Machines, exactly as children who learn how

12 What is Knowledge Management and why is it important?

It’s “Knowledge Wednesday” again and here comes the second part of my introductory guide to knowledge management. In the first part we have looked into the difference between data, information and knowledge. Within this blog post, I want to cover a question, which you might have already asked yourself, if you have read my two

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