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0 Four Things to Know Before Investing in Wine

As mentioned in my first post I do not know anything about wine, but the more read about and drink it, the more I feel like I am learning something. Investing in wine would have never crossed my mind if it was not because of this assignment, but the idea of investing in individual bottles

2 Insight into the clothing international trade

Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Today, I would like to show the international trade of clothing with you from the perspective of international traders. As an end-customer, we can only see the branded apparel hanging in the beautiful shop window like the above video showed but this is not the whole story. How are

14 From Alpha to Z: Inter- and Intragenerational Knowledge Management

As mentioned in my previous article on “How much knowledge is too much?” social networks are catalysts for generating and sharing knowledge. While generation Y basically invented social media, generation Z now floods these platforms with user generated content. If you were born before 1995 you probably already feel old when downloading TikTok and looking

0 Useful Words for Your Next Wine Tasting

I have a confession to make… Last night I open a bottle of wine. It was a wine I never had before, so I was trying to describe the flavor and smell of it. While attempting to do this I realized that beyond fruity, smooth, a nice kick at the end I did not know

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