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2 Livestream | InterAktion!

InterAktion: Das Wort spricht für sich und ist der Schlüssel zu einem Livestream mit nachhaltigem Impact. Gerade auch für Business Livestreams ist der Kreativität keine Grenze gesetzt. Wer überrascht und seine Zuhörer:innen aktiv mit einbezieht, erhält die Aufmerksamkeit. Von einfach zu ausgefallen habe ich folgend ein paar Möglichkeiten zusammengetragen: Insta-Storys Richtig gelesen: Instagram Storys. Wir

2 Sweet sweet memories at FemUnity…

Hey you, welcome back to my blog for another “informal info session” about FemUnity. In the first article, I presented you the starting point and how far we’ve gotten in the meantime. But you might now ask yourself, “Alright, cool project but what has been done so far? What are the next plans?”   Let me

7 TOP-4 places for hiking Instagram photos

Go outside and tell everyone your story… Today you take your smartphone with you, share your experiences and inspire each other with photo hikes. Unfortunately, the most beautiful hikes are also usually the most crowded spots. But there are thousands of hiking trails and many of them are more or less unexplored on social media.

4 Instagram Manager Insights – Photo Composition

How can you plan your visual concept on Instagram and what applications can help you with it? What are the good photo compositions and color harmony? Should I still white & bright my pictures as influencers do, darken them or natural editing working the best? I will try to cover all this and a bit

2 Top 5 Tools To Design Your Social Media

Designing social media content seems to be simple, but once you have started, you realise, well, it takes time! The process of finding the right picture, sound, videos takes hours, if not more. But, we have good news, there are some tools already on the market that could save your time and money. Here you

0 Instagram Manager Insights – IG Stories

How do bloggers find what to talk about in their stories and not make it boring? Hello again, welcome back to my blog. I really hope you will enjoy the topic and will get a little bit inspired about making Stories for your personal or business account. Today I will quickly discuss how to organize

6 Modern Capsule Hotels Never Fail to Surprise, Here is Why

Welcome back to the hospitality blog, today we will talk about capsule hotels. This accommodation type is certainly not for everyone, but the benefit of these hotels is their convenience and low price. Some hotels also provide restaurants, snack bars, pools, and other entertainment facilities. Many capsule hotels go the extra mile to attract guests

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