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0 A new way to integrate Art into your life

Dive into the world of creativity and discover trends, inspiring art events, tips to find inspiration and unique hand-painted fashion & decorative products, customized to compliment your style. Most of the people I interact with daily are in a constant search for ways to be more creative, to find inspiration and to express themselves. They

0 On the tracks of Self-Love

In the long term, it helps love to practice self-love (Maeck S. & Botzenhardt T.) A relationship with yourself and with love. It is a relationship that we cultivate throughout our life. It’s a relationship that changes its meaning over the years, a relationship in which we are swept from a constantly wave of emotions,

0 Why is travelling a science?

Have you ever wondered, why travelling is something almost everyone loves? And still, it is a unique experience for anyone. I believe that when you travel, you do not just discover a foreign place, but also yourself. I have discovered my passion for structuring and organizing everyhing. How? Well, I often find myself creating whole

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