Life with Type 1 Diabetes


“I didn’t have the freedom to do whatever I want”

In the engaging video “Life with Type 1 Diabetes,” meet George Stark, a 33-year-old manager for insulin pump companies. Through his personal experiences and expertise, George provides valuable insights into the challenge and living with Type 1 Diabetes.

Through a storytelling and personal anecdotes, the video takes viewers on a journey and offers an intimate glimpse into the daily experiences of an individual living with this chronic condition. Learn about the physical and emotional effects of living with Type 1 Diabetes, as well as the remarkable resilience and determination that shines through. This video aims to increase awareness, foster understanding, and inspire others.

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About Author

During the recent pandemic, I have been concerned about my health. My girlfriend, who works for a medical device company, has been a great resource for me in learning about health and diabetes. Both my mother and my future mother-in-law have been on me to establish healthier habits. I'd want to share my journey of understanding diabetes. Maybe this could help you too.


  1. Thank you for the informative video on Type 1 Diabetes. It provided valuable insights into the causes, symptoms, and management strategies for this condition.

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