Voices Unveiled: Engaging Perspectives in Q&A with Friends


Excitingly, here is the much-anticipated final blog post in form of a captivating video Q&A, where we delve into a realm of intriguing insights of a small group of friends. Enjoy!

Special thanks go out to the people which were more than happy to assist me with my final blog post. I don’t need to name any names, they know who they are. Again, thank you so much!

Before I submit my entire project to the lectures, have a look on my other shared posts!👇


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Hi my name is Sarah, as someone who has worked in the hospitality industry for over 5 years, both in Switzerland and abroad, I have had the privilege of gaining valuable experience in this dynamic and exciting field. Throughout my career, I have witnessed the industry evolve and adapt to changing consumer trends and preferences, particularly when it comes to the younger generation of travellers. Currently working for the Giardino Group AG, a leading player in the Swiss-Luxury hospitality sector, I am faced with the challenge of finding innovative ways to attract younger customers to our properties. As a passionate hospitality professional, I am always eager to explore new ideas and strategies to meet this challenge and ensure that our brand remains relevant and appealing to a diverse range of customers. Stay tuned for my ideas!


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