How to advertise perfumes on social media? Short tips: what should not be neglected in promoting things which cannot be felt through the screen.


How to advertise in social media insensible things? How to talk about something that cannot be felt through the screen in such a way that people want to buy it? Today I will talk about what you need to pay attention to, that your advertising of perfumery with influencers was effective.

In a previous article, I talked about different networks, and how perfume advertising and bloggers differ in each of them. Today I want to talk not about where to advertise, but how to do it in a way that encourages people to make a purchase.

I also discuss what should be in a successful influencer ad in this video – please watch and leave comments =)



At first, my colleagues and I underestimated the magic of unpacking. But through trial and error, we were surprised to find that unboxing videos on YouTube collect about 20 percent higher sales than others. So why is this happening?

In our case, we have an online store. And before people order, of course, they want to know what kind of condition the product is going to come in. Whether it is well packed, whether the box is not crumpled, and whether they really bring the original goods. Since we don’t spend a lot of money on renting space for our stores and salaries for our sales assistants, we offer fragrances at a lower price than a retail store, which makes some people suspicious. Unpacking videos are a kind of panacea for one’s own peace of mind before buying, as influencers are trusted.

💡 If you put gifts in your order, ask the blogger to mention about it while unpacking. Also, it’s a good idea if an influencer mentions perks like the convenience of the website or the speed of delivery.


Show how the product looks like.

There are two main pleasures in perfumery – the fragrance itself, and its bottle. So, for perfumers and perfumaniacs, the latter is sometimes worth almost as much as the former. Therefore, one of the most important factors in the success of perfume advertising is a high-quality demonstration of the bottle. This can be a close-up video of the bottle being taken out of the box. Or if we are talking about photos, the light should be considered (it primarily affects the quality of the photo), as well as the background and composition. It is not bad if the blogger can make a beautiful life composition with the bottle, which will be aesthetically consistent in colour. Photos on the dressing table, or a live photo in a “what’s in my purse” format will also work well.

💡 If the review is in video format, it’s better to spray the fragrance live and share first impressions – this creates extra interactivity for viewers.


Fall in love with the fragrance with words.

Of course, everyone has unique preferences for perfumes, and what is lovely to one may be gross to another. Describing your favourite fragrance in a way that makes you fall in love with it in absentia is not that easy! Do not believe me? Try it 😉

Perfumery is about feelings and emotions in the first place. The more personal associations, supported by personal stories and examples from the past, the more interesting. Every fragrance has a pyramid of notes, which is indicated in the description of the fragrance, for example on Fragrantica. But when it comes to advertising at Influencer, listing notes from the internet that people can find anyway is not a good idea. You can give a screenshot of the notes, or make an insert in the video, but it’s still better to keep the focus on describing personal feelings about the fragrance. It’s much more interesting to watch and listen to.

💡 Depending on what kind of image the blogger has, perfume reviews can be made not only lyrical, but also embellished with a sense of humour. Because humour is sure to brighten up a review on something you can’t feel with your own sense of smell.


Tying it to the occasion.

Usually, each fragrance is appropriate for a certain occasion, time of year, and even time of day. It’s great if the blogger can mention which occasion, they think the fragrance they are describing is appropriate for. For example, one fragrance is good for an evening date or event. Another fragrance is light and airy, perfect for a hot summer. And there are such niche fragrances that you have to wear for a few hours, following the different unfolding – it is a real process of learning perfumery not for beginners, but for real connoisseurs. Any of these descriptions will resonate with some of the readers and will serve as an additional trigger to want to try the perfume described by the blogger.

💡 Perfumery is a delicate matter, and fragrances are often strongly associated with associations with a particular event, person, or period of life. These associations are the key to the imagination of potential buyers.


Do you agree with the above points? What in a perfume advertisement would appeal to you personally?


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