Schnebelhorn: the highest summit in Zürich


A visit to the highest mountain in the canton of Zürich

When you think of Zürich, images of a global center of banking and finance might immediately pop in your head. Is it even possible to hike in Zürich? Of course it is! Let me give you a quick preview of what Zürich offers besides its metropolitan hub:

Astonishing no? Endless green landscapes. The hike I am about to share with you is part of the 26 Summit Challenge sponsored by Ochsner Sport. One of these 26 hikes is located in the canton of Zürich – namely to its highest mountain: Schnebelhorn. 

Steg Bahnhof – Sennhütte – Schnebelhorn – Steg Bahnhof

The hike begins at the Steg Bahnhof where you will begin following the sign-posted path on mostly pavement. After approximately 3.5km you will reach the beginning of the forest. This part of the hike can be tough – it is a steep ascent in the wild forest. Once you arrive at the top of the initial climb, there is a relatively long flat stretch that leads you to the Sennhütte mountain hut. The Sennhütte is a beautiful mountain hut that is located in a hiker’s paradise. 


  • Location:  Steg im Tösstal, Switzerland
  • Position: 1028 m above sea-level
  • Difficulty level: medium
  • Sleeps: Either in a dormitory, in the classic hut style or in one of the two cozy double rooms
  • Food: rustic hut breakfast, home-made dishes from noon to the evening
  • Good to know: no TV and mobile phone reception

The Sennhütte is definitely worth a visit! Once you have had the chance to take a break at this wonderful hut, your ascent continues. From this point forward it is a relatively steep hike to the summit of the Schnebelhorn. 

You have made it! You have reached the highest peak in the canton of Zürich. Congratulations! The Schnebelhorn offers a spectacular view – you can even spot the Säntis in the distance. 

Now you will begin your descent. A ridge path will lead you to Hirzegg and then steadily downhill via Rütwies, Chatenböel and Vorderegg. You will soon see the train station Steg again.

Fact O’Clock:

  • The summit is located between the border of Zurich and St. Gallen
  • The duration of the hike is approximately 4.5-5 hours
  • The Schnebelhorn is the highest summit in the canton of Zürich with 1292 m above sea-level


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