Where Can You Follow Startup News?


If you have been following my posts from the beginning, you have learnt about startups, venture capitals, investors, female entrepreneurs, ecosystems and green startups. You have gotten familiar with startup terminology. I hope all these content sparked your interest in startups and you want to follow news & updates from startup world.

In this 32 second long video, I share 5 websites to get news & updates from startups from different parts of the world:

Thank you for reading, watching and commenting until now.

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Hi everyone, I am Demet. I have been working in the start-up scene for 4 years. I am writing about startup world and explaining start-up related concepts in my blog posts. Enjoy while reading and don't forget to drop a comment below!


  1. Begüm Zor
    Begüm Zor on

    Hi Demet! Yes, I have been following your content from the beginning until now, and I have learned a lot! I will continue to learn by following the websites you shared in the video. I hope you’ll continue to create content about startups. Thank you! 🙂

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