Clubhouse BOOM – Interview inside!


I have conducted a short interview with an owner of AlexProduction Studio. Alexandra is a marketing expert, and she shared her thoughts on scarcity marketing and how this strategy provided unprecedented growth of this App.

So, Clubhouse is a new social media where people can communicate only with their voices. No photos. No videos. Only using an iPhone. Sorry Android. Only live. Only with an invitation. Yeah, there are plenty of limitations, but they give rise to a special magic atmosphere inside the Clubhouse and stimulate its growth. Do you want to know how? Watch the video attached!

Missed what the Clubhouse is? Check it out!


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Hi I am Maria and I believe that the future of Social Media is promising. Business, friendship and entertaining all these spheres of life are developing there. Let's have a look at one of the most rapidly growing social media - Clubhouse - and assess its perspectives!

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