Your LinkedIn-Profile From the Perspective of a Recruiter


LinkedIn nowadays plays an important part in job hunting, even in little Switzerland. According to the user statistics of the Swiss Web Agency Comvasion, 2.9 million people in Switzerland have an account on LinkedIn. This means: Almost every third resident has at least opened a profile on the platform – just to then abandon it a few days later, at least in some cases. However, if you are open to job opportunities, you should make sure to maintain a recruiter-friendly profile.

Stephanie Indlekofer (31) is a recruiter by profession and will tell us a bit about her work and what role LinkedIn plays within that field but first let me introduce her:

Want to know more about how Stephanie looks at your profile? Then click on the video. No worries, you don’t have to watch the full video – there are chapters. Enjoy!

If, after the video, you still have questions, please add them in the comment section below. We’ll update the post by the end of April with the answers.

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Hello there! I am Désirée Klarer, journalist by profession and recruiter by passion. Being surrounded by people from different countries with various professional backgrounds, it has always been my pleasure to help them finding the right career path in Switzerland. May it be a job where you don't need German that simply pays your bills while you study or finding your dream-job - I am happy to help.


    • Désirée Klarer on

      You are most welcome 🙂 I am sure the readers can gain some insights from it. So thank you very much once again!

  1. Sofia Demidenko on

     Thank you for analysing my profile and providing feedback!! So nice that you could engage the expert into this 👍😊

  2. Valéry Rohrbach on

    Thank you for the valuable tips and insights! Never underestimate the power of your Linkedin profile 🤓

  3. Puelz Scofield on

    Wow, that’s an eye opener. So many things we things we take for granted when setting up our profile on LinkedIn.

    • Désirée Klarer on

      Dear Leonardo,

      Thank you. Please let me know if you have a topic in mind that I could write about.

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