How to get the necessary motivation to start that life project you have in mind now at HSLU?


Basically after having arrived in Switzerland, big changes in life await you, in my case, i have left the comfort of my homeland to face a new culture, customs, people and their ways, there will be days that you will be amazed by the beautiful landscapes that Switzerland offers, other days the pressure will be too much to get out of bed no matter how sunny it is, even if you can see from the window to the Pilatus & Rigi mountains, in my case, it is still difficult to be without my family, surely that can be connected with some colleagues in the career having “homesickness“.

What is all this about? Well, it is certain that if you are not in optimal emotional conditions, your performance is diminished and you may be late in the delivery of important projects for the excellent teachers who are in HSLU, as well as what you wrote in your letter of motivation of wanting to start a company or be in the job of your dreams, now you see? As everything is connected and without it as in the Organizational Transformation and Change (OTC) classes in some cases that are analyzed, do not take into account the moods of the employees who are in an organization and impose a radical change such as change of operating system, change of management or structure, this causing poor performance, adaptation problems, insurrection, layoffs, etc.. Many negative things can result from an inappropriate state of mind.

Have you ever noticed a black day, a day when you just don’t want to get out of bed, dark thoughts and you start feeding that monster in your head with more negative thoughts, songs that feed the black hole in your heart, emotions are deep as the ocean and the way out of this abyss seems impossible, I have been there, fought with my own demons like all of us in times of confusion or hopelessness.

Some of the steps to follow to make this manageable and even help you see the light at the end of the stormy tunnel as if you had been in the famous work of Dante Alighieri to reach paradise or at least the peace you need to start that project you long for…

To achieve it, first of all, it is about the WILL and COMMITMENT with yourself, nothing and nobody can get you out of there but yourself, it is your mind, it is your perception, your best medicine is yourself with those thoughts that you give yourself, as Plato said in his book of the Republic, or Aristotle in his postulates to Nicomachus, health begins with oneself.


Wake up early and get moving!

Set an alarm at a reasonable time, for example, 7am and get out of bed anyway! Start doing some exercise, it doesn’t have to be with dumbbells, just running around like a hamster in your room or getting dressed for a short walk around the block, sit ups, do some push ups, squats, etc. some gymnastics, that’s for the body, the fact of moving and concentrating on the functions of the body will take away that storm that you have in your mind, in fact, the negative energy that you have stored you can transmute it to tone your body and at the end take a well deserved shower with hot water at the beginning and close with cold water to awaken your mind and energize the body.


Feed your body and soul!

Once you have taken that shower, prepare something tasty for breakfast, lunch, look for a recipe (really look for it! and do not waste time watching your social networks that may lead you to the same hole you are trying to get out of.) Give your body the nutrients it needs, vegetables (I think at this point in life very few of us will say no to vegetables … or am I wrong?) some protein whether chicken, fish, beef, etc.. Enjoy every bite and don’t forget to clean the kitchen! And for the soul a good book, it can be, The Divine Comedy, let’s put in the Lord of the Rings Books, Harry Potter? The possibilities are endless, the point is to give yourself the opportunity to read a minimum chapter, give peace to your soul, remember that books are the windows to wonderful worlds, your perception could change and help you on this path.


Dare to do something new!

Have you tried drawing? Maybe modeling with wood? Learn to use any musical instrument you want, this is for your spirit, this is how it is written in Plato’s Republic as a basis to become the Guardian, the Philosopher King. You may think you are not creative, the point is to find something to do and keep that mind busy, how about dancing? Please dare to Sing! The steps I tell you throughout this blog are merely to make your energy move and flow, this way you will find yourself in another “vibration“, scientists have said it, we are energy, or what? Isn’t it true that everything is made up of atoms? The mind transforms your reality in the immediate in what corresponds to you, the world will be fixed only when you are in fullness. I invite you to meditate, to do the exercises of Pranayama, do you think we should write a diary? The point of the latter is to get out everything that does not serve you, even to be able to form a story out of it, maybe you become the next Stephen King 😉 or someone else you like.

Talk it over and express what ails you to the professionals (psychologists).

Personally I have gone from one to another, from medications prescribed by psychiatrists, from reading about psychology (another of my favorite fields of study) at the time they have helped me to give guidance to what I think and in the end of course I solve it myself with that help or guidance. HSLU has these services, they are very good, I’m on it myself, so I recommend it, remember it’s ok to ask for help. 😊

At this point, it’s time to START with that idea you left postponed for a while, you are now ready to search and give order to what you want in your life, THAT LIFE PROJECT, in my case, a consultancy named “MEXKOV” and in yours? There is no other way, there is no magic elevator, just start it, throw yourself into the ring, start small, achievable, realistic, it is like making a bonfire, is a matter of being in that state of mind that allows you to think clearly to get the elements you need to start your business.

Talk to you soon.


About Author

Mijail Dalzell

I consider myself a philosophical person, I studied business administration with a focus on consulting to find a logical sense to the internal actions of companies, I found that what I like is to provide help in any issue that arises in life, always willing to get involved in projects of high social impact, for the long term where I can make use of my hands and mind to give the creative solution for the present, I understand that everything has a cause and an effect, that everything lends itself to change because it is the only constant in our physical plane, is universal law, the key factor is to find a way to energize enough people to walk with an idealized goal in humanity by and for the welfare of all, expanding channels of communication, to this the answer is: Will.


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