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Fashion is more than clothing it is a lifestyle for some, exclusively me, as an author of this blog. Although, clothing assists with expression of personality and individuality; means of social communication; cultural meaning; economic status and of course enhancement of the person. Upon a wide variation of restraints, clothing has a long history of academic interests together with philosophy, psychology, social science, history and culture studies. Beyond the physiological factors and needs, clothing is purely the shield of seasons –mainly weather conditions, such as: sun, rain and snow. What I have just declared adjusted to fashion and clothing is something that covers the body. Whilst, fashion satisfies the needs and requirements of every individual, for instance: by following newly trends it accomplishes the need of social communication. People like to be in trend in the society, doesn’t matter which society it can be fashionistas or feminist groups, outings with friends and even daily visits to supermarkets. Every individual is in a way a fashion creator. Yes, you heard it right. We often wear different outfits and match some casual styles with classic ones, from what is presently in vogue. Being trendy is not forced by any demographics like age difference, body type and gender it doesn’t make any difference even with socio-economic and educational categories. To understanding the customers needs in fashion is hardly to inspect, this does not relate to the demographic factors alone as it can give the wrong image of a person trying to consume a certain item. This can be modified with a clear picture of your customer by understanding his/her lifestyle. What they are interested in and for which occasion they would like to purchase the product? An example to that is: a well known sportswear brands like Nike or Adidas spending aggressively on marketing and sponsorships, are very well-informed with the needs of their customers. Of course, those who are interested in well-being and health. A comprehensive range of athletic style and leisure gear, attracting all types of individuals with distinctive demographical factors.

Lifestyle via fashion brands

The lifestyle approach example can be done with many brands from top to bottom. This marketing strategy seen to be practical in identifying individuals as potential customers through an impressive customer satisfaction. Accordingly, the lifestyle of a buyer is not considered to find new items that can match, but helps the client to satisfy his/her needs.

Sustainable Fashion

Sustainably in fashion can be re-ordered with several factors which are already well known by people. Hence, the reality of that not everyone can experience. Therefore, I have created a video that shows how you could be sustainable with fashion, so that you can use 1 item to match to several looks on different occasions. From a micro-influencer Melody Style.

As it has been indicated in my posts, fashion is one of the largest industries in the World with total annual revenue of more than $1 trillion, and also one of the most polluting.

Sustainable fashion means to meet current needs carefully that could give us the strength to ensure the future needs for future generation. And, as we all know it is also about the recycling. You would think now, why is it so important? As, all the other factors like food waste or CO2 emissions, fashion industry has also a huge climate change footprint. Yes, we have to admit that otherwise there will be no fashion industry in the future, if the challenges are not defined. Most of the brands with a high number of production, are claiming that they will be 100% sustainable by the end of 2030. Personally, I think this might be possible as nowadays the society is more confident to reduce or fight the pollution. On the other hand, I think It might also not be possible, as a zero-waste of only fashion industry will not have major changes. What do you think? (leave you comment below)

Here is another short video of 2 top influencers of Instagram from the United States: Brent Rivera and Ben Azelart. This video is a bit funny as well 😉


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