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By wahille, 14. September 2018

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Sandoz offers its associates a range of flexible work options, thus supporting them in managing the demands and priorities of career and personal life and empowering associates to fully thrive and contribute to Sandoz‘ success.

International Women’s Day 2018: Over 60 Swiss CEOs recognised gender-balanced leadership as a business imperative

“I believe gender equality means business. Therefore, I commit to implement flexible working for all employees in 2018 – thus fostering a culture of inclusion. Specifically we will roll out a flexible working model and implement a home office policy to attract and retain the best talent who need to be productive on their own terms at times that work for them. To put simply: working time flexibility means more gender equality.”

Rebecca Guntern Flückiger, Head Cluster Europe, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals

‚Flexibility to perform‘ offers a competitive edge by

  • Engaging associates
  • Attracting, retaining and motivating diverse talent that fuels innovation critical to our company‘ success
  • Improving the quality and effectiveness of life and work for our associates and increase productivity
  • Enhancing organizational health and associates‘ well-being, unleashing innovation and enabling sustainable high performance

Flexible work options foster a culture that values outcome-based performance, no matter when, where and how associates work.

Flexible Working options @Sandoz Switzerland were extended in 2018

  • 30 % of our associates work part time
  • 12 % of our full time employed associates take more vacation days and less salary (e.g. 95 % salary and additional 13 vacation days)
  • Flexible job ads (80 – 100 %)
  • 1 day working from home per week
  • No meetings on Wednesdays (pilot)
  • Job sharing & job splitting

For us, flexibility engages people. It gives them the choice to work whenever, however and wherever they need to work to contribute to the success of our company. Flexibility attracts, retains and motivates talents. We are more efficient and productive, when we get the opportunity of working flexibly.
Flexibility is part of our Energized for Life initiative, which ignites everyone at Novartis to be their best self, every day and everywhere.

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