Great place for minorities, great place for all!

By wahille, 15. September 2017

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At Hilti, we focus on being a better employer for non-dominant groups to become a better employer for all. We embedded diversity and inclusion into our business strategy and our people processes to provide a more inclusive workplace. By promoting career and work flexibility, supporting networking and encouraging team members to take ownership for inclusion, we create equal opportunities for all.

Our D&I strategy centres around embedding diversity and inclusion into everything we do. We embrace this topic as a key component of our business strategy and bring it into daily business. Here we highlight 3 key components of our 6-component D&I strategy

Promoting Career and Work Flexibility
We try to create an attractive working environment for our employees, who devote their time, energy and expertise to the success of our customers. In order to do this, we offer flexible working models to suit different requirements and stages of life. Employees can customise their working model from a range of options known as “My Working Time”, “My Time Off”, “My Family Time” and “My Retirement”. This flexibility enables our team members to make time for the things which are important to them whilst balancing the demands of a rewarding career

Supporting Networks
To ensure that people of diverse backgrounds are given equal opportunities and advancement, they must be given the chance to exchange ideas through informal networks. Hilti supports this business objective by encouraging employees to spearhead the development of networking groups as well as providing access to mentors and sponsors both internally and externally. We work closely with the Advance network to provide aspiring female leaders with additional skill building workshops, mentoring and role model workshops to support their career development alongside company development programs.

Employee-Led Initiatives
We develop and foster employee resource groups (ERGs) and forums to generate awareness and allow team members to take ownership of our inclusion journey. Hilti’s “OWN IT!” ERG, has grown organically since it was established in 2014, now involving >120 team members in leading inclusion initiatives such as regular language for inclusion lunches, meet & learn workshops, an open mentoring program and D&I consulting.

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