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IFZ Working Paper No 0014/2010 – Banking between public and corporate governance


Banking between public and corporate governance
A hybrid framework for multi-rational government in banking

Abstract: Direct and indirect impacts of the current financial crisis since 2007 influence the role of the state in connection with banks. Emergency-type bailouts demonstrated impressively: States are increasingly pushed into a corset of specific roles where there seems to be a lesser discretionary scope for decision-making. The paper at hand focuses on the fundamental public and corporate governance aspects in relation to state engagement for and in banks. First, it intends to launch a hybrid framework for multi-rational governments in banking. Second, it aims to start the discussion about new state models concerning banks and about rethinking bank regulation to unleash the state out of unrequested chains in connection with banks.

Das Working Paper von Kuno Schedler und Daniel Piazza können Sie hier lesen.

Daniel Piazza ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter am IFZ und Leiter des Projekts „Governance bei Kantonalbanken“

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