18. März 2020 im Südpol, Luzern

Am 18. März wird intensiv in den Innovations-Workshops gearbeitet, was die ideale Gelegenheit bietet, diese Art des Arbeitens genauer kennenzulernen!

Am 19. März erarbeiten wir mit den Challenge-Gebern die Szenarien zu konkreten Handlungsempfehlungen weiter aus. Selbstverständlich dürfen “normale” Teilnehmende auch bleiben und weiterarbeiten.

Hier geht’s zur Anmeldung.

Early Bird (bis 31. Januar 2020)
CHF 450
Studierende: CHF 10

Standard: CHF 600
Studierende: immer noch CHF 10

Reise Informationen

Anfahrt Südpol

Travel Details Zürich Airport to Lucerne City
The best way to travel between Zürich Airport and Lucerne is the train. Twice an hour the train departs from Zürich Airport to Lucerne.
At .13 the train departs to Zürich Main Station. There you have to change the train to Lucerne. With changing the train you have 1 ¼ hours of travelling.
At .47 you have a direct connection to Lucerne. This takes an hour of traveling.

If you like to check the connection please visit this website: www.ssb.ch


The Bed + Breakfast
Taubenhausstrasse 34
6005 Luzern
+41 41 310 15 14

Hotel ibis budget Luzern City
Kellerstrasse  4 6 8
6005 Lucerne
+41 41 367 80 00

Hotel Alpha
Pilatusstr. 66 / Zähringerstr. 24
6003 Lucerne
+41 41 240 42 80

RÖSLI Guest House
Pfistergasse 12
6003 Lucerne
+41 41 249 22 77

Hotel Waldstätterhof
Zentralstrasse 4
6003 Lucerne
+41 41 227 12 71

Radisson Blu Hotel
Lakefront Center Inseliquai 12
6005 Lucerne
+41 41 369 90 00

Sights of Lucerne
Chapel Bridge – The town’s Landmark
Constructed in first half oft he 14th century as a part oft he city’s fortifications and named after St. Peter’s Chapel, which ist located nearby.
The paintings that were added in the 17th century illustrate the scenes of Swiss and local history.

Water Tower – Archive, treasury and prison
This octagonal tower – over 34 meter high (111.5 ft.) – was built arount 1300 as part oft he city wall and used as an archive, treasury, prison and torture chamber.

Lion Monument – The dying Lion of Lucerne
is one oft he world’s most famous monuments.
It was carved out of natural rock in memory oft he heroic deaths oft he Swiss mercenaries at the Tuileries in 1792.

KKL Luzern – Culture and Convention Centre
The KKL Luzern (Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne) at Europaplatz ist the work oft he Parisian architect Jean Nouvel.
The concert hall (1800 seats) is one oft he finest concert halls in the world. The Lucerne Hall, the Convention Centre with the auditorium, and the Museum of Art are also part of this sensational construction.

Musegg Wall – Nine Towers
A part oft he rampart walls built in 1386; the wall is still almost entirely intact. Four towers are open to the public: Schimmer, Zyt, Wacht and Männli.
The oldest city clock, built in 1535 is in the Zyt tower. This clock is allowed to chime every hour one minute before all the other city clocks.

Hof Church
Main cathedral of the city. In 1633, a fire destroyed the church; it was rebuilt in 1645. It is the most important Renaissance church in Switzerland. Especially noteworhty are the façade, Mary’s alter (with a relief panel dating from 1500), and the souls‘ altar.

For more informations please visit:
Luzern Tourismus AG Tourist Information
Zentralstrasse 5
6002 Lucerne
Phone +41 (0)41 227 17 17
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