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New Textbook Publication: Enterprise Risk Management – Modern Approaches to Balancing Risk and Reward


by Prof Dr Stefan Hunziker, Professor of Enterprise Risk Management

Springer Gabler Verlag has recently published „Enterprise Risk Management – Modern Approaches to Balancing Risk and Reward“. The author Prof Dr Stefan Hunziker explains how Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) creates value in strategic- and decision-making-processes and demonstrates in a didactical manner on concrete case studies of medium-sized and large companies how ERM can be effectively implemented. The textbook is suitable for training and further education at a university level as well as for practitioners.

Prof Dr Stefan Hunziker introduces modern approaches to balancing risk and reward based on many examples of medium-sized and large companies from different industries. Since traditional risk management in practice is often an independent stand-alone process with no impact on decision-making processes, it is unable to create value and ties up resources in the company unnecessarily. Herewith, the author serves students as well as practitioners with modern approaches that promote a connection between ERM and corporate management. The author describes in a didactically appropriate manner how companies can use ERM in a concrete way to achieve better risk-reward decisions under uncertainty. Furthermore, theoretical and psychological findings relevant to entrepreneurial decision-making situations are incorporated.

The textbook has been primarily developed for training and continuing education at university level in German-speaking countries. However, it is also of high practical relevance. Based on concrete cases of medium-sized and large companies, concepts presented in Enterprise Risk Management—Modern Approaches to Balancing Risk and Reward of ERM are transferred into practice. It serves students and practitioners alike as a source of ideas on how ERM can generate value to all stakeholders. The novelty of this textbook is reflected primarily in the fact that theoretical and psychological findings relevant to decision-making situations will be explicitly incorporated.

Table of Contents:

  • Introducing ERM
  • Countering Biases in Risk Analysis
  • Creating Value through ERM Process
  • Setting up Enterprise Risk Governance
  • Looking at Trends in ERM

The textbook can be ordered via the following link:

The textbook will be part of the curriculum of the Master’s programme in International Financial Management:

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