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MSc International Financial Management – Graduation Ceremony 2018


by Prof. Dr. Imke Keimer, Head of MSc International Financial Management, Prof. Dr. Stefan Hunziker, Head of MSc International Financial Management and Marcel Greimel, Master’s Assistant at the Institute of Financial Services Zug IFZ

At this year’s graduation ceremony, 15 students received their Master’s degree in International Financial Management in a delightful atmosphere at the Theater Casino Zug.

On 31 August 2018, the Head of all Master programmes in Business, Prof Dr Dominik Georgi, welcomed the graduates and their families and friends at the Theater Casino Zug at the graduation ceremony for Master of Science in Banking and Finance and Master of Science in International Financial Management. Prof Dr Imke Keimer and Prof Dr Stefan Hunziker awarded the 15 graduates with the well-deserved Master’s Diploma – Congratulations!

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During the festive ceremony, Andrea De Moliner and Katharina Schwarze musically accompanied the evening with their piano and cello. Further highlights of the graduation ceremony have been the entertaining and eloquent speeches given by Chantal Füchslin, Graduate of Master of Science in Banking and Finance and Johannes Huber, Graduate of Master of Science in International Financial Management. An aperitif in a pleasant atmosphere was a worthy end to a successful celebration. We wish all graduates every success in their future careers.

Career opportunities after graduation
Our Master’s programme offers students exciting international career opportunities. After completing the MSc International Financial Management, key functions at either management level or in specialized positions in the financial management departments of virtually any organization outside the financial services sector are open to graduates.

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