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0 Is Plastic Our New Gold?

On Wednesday evening, PlasticTwists‚ Swiss Pilot had the first PlasticTalk in the pleasant pool of the Neubad in Lucerne. Our ScienceCafe was a mix of short presentations from the alert and informed panel and discussions in small groups.

PlasticTwist met an amazing audience curious to know about blockchain, tokenomics and plastic! We did get around to an understanding of

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0 BioFabbing Convergence

The BioFabbing Convergence took place from May 10 – 14 in Geneva, where Urs Gaudenz from CreaLab and founder of GaudiLabs was engaged as a program counselor.

What is this convergence about?

“BioFabbing brings together a Conference on Critical Studies of DIYbio and Biohacking and an Unconference of Global DIYbio and BioArt Networks to form a meeting point for scholars …

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0 24. 01.17 – Seminare «Ideenentwicklung: Methoden und Prozesse der Kreativität» und «Ideenentwicklungsprozesse moderieren»

DSC00630Das Seminar «Ideenentwicklung: Methoden und Prozesse der Kreativität» gibt einen vertieften Einblick in die hierfür relevanten Themenbereiche. Sie erfahren, wie man solche Prozesse aufbaut und moderiert, damit möglichst vielseitige Ideen entstehen und mutige Entscheide bei der Auswahl getroffen werden. Zudem lernen Sie die Funktionsweise und Wirkung ausgewählter Methoden in einem Ideenentwicklungsprozess ganz praktisch in der Anwendung kennen und probieren …

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0 DiBuDeCo-Action learning project started again

20160922_092018Again, we are conducting the Distributed Business Design Collaboration Project (DiBuDeCo) with the Introduction into the Fablab Luzern and its amazing machines, culture and approach. We are so keen on tons of stunning prototypes from the teams…. The teams will work on several prototypical ideas and refine and improve them. This project will last until November, when the results are …

0 CreaLab@USA! – 10th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics

Jens O. Meissner, Patricia Wolf and Evangelia Baralou presented concepts and methodologies that the future laboratory CreaLab implements in workshops and working environments in Orlando, Florida, USA. Their presentation ‚The Triple Helix Case: Creating Intrapreneurial Direction in a Multi-rational Higher Education Institution‘ took place at the 10th International Multi-Conference on Society, Cybernetics and Informatics (IMSCI 2016). For further information: 

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0 Future Forum Lucerne: Last Sprint für letzte Plätze

bild-linked-in-bk-Variante1Mittlerweile steht das Programm: Beim Future Forum Lucerne bearbeiten wiracht Praxisherausforderungen mit zehn verschiedenen Methoden. Für jeden Challenge sind Workshops mit unmittelbarer, mittelbarer und ‚kreativ-distanzierter‘ Wirkung vorgesehen. Mit dabei sind Siemens, PostFinance, PEAX, Schweizer Rotes Kreuz des Kantons Zürich, Messe Luzern, Omanet, das Kinderspital der Uni Zürich, das Heilpädagogische Zentrum Hohenrain. Die Workshops werden unter anderem moderiert von …

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0 DiBuDeCo-Project with theme „Power to the masses“ completed

Once more, the participating teams of this year’s DiBuDeCo-project created interesting and challenging ideas. One group designed a communication indicator to wear when telecommuting or for long distance travels. Another group designed the „X-brush“, a special tooth brush designed to reduce waste, and increase entertainment during its use. Another group developed a handy, transportable and practical brush. Other ideas were …

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0 Keynote «Zukunft des Arbeitens» beim Luzerner Kongress für Gesellschaftspolitk

ZdA-TitlepageAm 3.12. fand im Verkehrshaus Luzern der «Luzerner Kongress für Gesellschaftspolitik» zum Thema «Schöne neue Arbeitswelt?» statt. Jens O. Meissner konnte in der ersten Keynote wichtige Entwicklungslinien im Bereich der «Zukunft des Arbeitens» erläutern und der Konferenz somit einen Grundlagenrahmen bieten. Weitere Informationen auf der Webseite des Kongresses.




0 An interspinular business model – Workshop in Groningen

interCreaLabAt the international conference Next Generation Business Models on 2 October 2015 hosted by the International Business School of Hanze University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with the foundation ‚Our Common Future 2.0‘ and ‚Samenwerkingsverband Noord Nederland (SNN)‘ the work and development of the Future Laboratory CreaLab and its spin-off interspin as an ‘interspinular’ model for cooperation between research, education …

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0 Organizing for Resilience – the case of „Technical Rebreather Diving“

MBR-conference programThe community of academics and practitioners in the field of risk and resilience management met at the Moving-beyond-risk-conference from 16-17 September in Bled, Slovenia. Topic was to discuss how to overcome old „Safety-I“-thinking to generate more anticipating, pro-active approaches to build more stable, reliable and future-open socio-technical systems. Jens O. Meissner could present his research on „Resilience in Technical Rebreather

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